Our mission at Mozayik is to showcase the power of art in our lives. We are committed to empowering artists to create, and to help provide arts education to youth in under-resourced communities, through creating art.

We created Mozayik with three core principals in mind. 

Our first principle is to create the most unique and vibrant art, which empowers and brings inspiration to any room that the pieces are placed in. We are accomplishing this by only working with the most talented artists, who share the same vision that we have at Mozayik.

Our second principle is to deliver the absolute best quality product to the Mozayik Community. We are accomplishing this by partnering with the best printing supplier in all of North America which prints over 430 million square feet annually, and has over 20 years of experience in the space. 

Our third principle is to build a company with purpose and a mission that is greater than ourselves. We are accomplishing this by bringing revenue opportunities to talented artists, which enables them to continue focusing on what they are most passionate about. We also accomplish this by donating a percentage of our companies profits to an award-winning charitable organization known as Vibe Arts, which is based in Toronto, Ontario. Vibe Arts is committed to providing children and youth in under-resourced communities with high quality community and school based arts education.

We are beyond grateful for everyone who decides to purchase our artwork, and joins the Mozayik Community. By doing this you not only help grow the Mozayik brand but also help support our artists, and the charitable organization of Vibe Arts, who has been bringing so much Joy to youth in under-resourced communities for the last 24 years.

Art That Empowers